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Hibiscus(Wada) Flower Seeds. Rs.950

Hibiscus(Wada) Flower Seeds.

New hibiscus varieties for sale.i do have germinate this seeds.FREE DELIVARY.large flowers.flower size 10-12 inch.  

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Paramparika Deshiya Sahal

Apa laga pahatha sadahan sahal warga itha adu milata thoga/ sillara washeyen laba gatha haka. Suwadal 190/- (1Kg) Kahawanu 190/- Pachcha perumal 185/- Kalu hinati 195/- Kuruluthuda 185/- Ma wee 185/- Madathawalu 185/- Rath dall 185/- Pokkali 185/- Masuran 195/- Dik wee 195/- Hatada wee 185/-  

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Aquarium Carpeting Plants

hemianthus callitrichoides glossostigma elatinoides hair grass hemianthus micranthemoides hemianthus umbrosum – lilaeopsis novaezelandiae sagittaria subulata echinodorus tenellus hydrocotyle sibthorpioides echinodorus quadricostatus echinodorus latifolius moss

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Orchid Pots

Orchids with decorated pots – As a gift – Decorate your living area – From Rs.800.00 – Visit our page

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Dreamed Wedding cakes for your dream day Rs.130

Dreamed Wedding cakes for your dream day

Tasty High quality wedding cakes orders are undertaken for Weddings on July onward…. Our wedding cakes are having best quality with large variety of fresh fruits included such as cashews, imported cherries,pumpkin preserve ,candied peel, ginger preserve,chow chow preserve,currants,plums etc (dates are not used).You can taste ... ...

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Rs.12 000

Cake Classes

Classes done by experienced teacher in the industry. Baking , Mixtures , All Icing Methods, Wedding Cakes & Cake Structures. Ingredients Provided. Lowest Rates in Kandy.

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400g Table Salt Rs.18

400g Table Salt

under the name of Shasha Products we sell 400g Premium Table Salt packs wholesale and retail. All our products are certified by ISO 22000, HACCP & GMP. * price may vary according to your requirement.

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Orchid Plants

Tissue cultured Dendrobium orchids white in color. Very well maintained in poly tunnel and healthy Flowering stage plants of one year old. No pest and diseases. Varieties : Somrack white, Ema white and Supanburi white

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Agriculture Lands Developing Project

we are the least company of agriculture land development.. we can develop your coconut land and other agriculture lands perfectly with get high profit. agriculture lands developing Irrigation lines ( drip & sprinkles systems ) fertilizing & grass cutting Technical advice dairy & other animal husbandry farming maintain poly tunnel cultivation CONTACT ... ...

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Virgin Coconut oil Rs.0

Virgin Coconut oil

Glowi presents you the most pure virgin coconut oil in Sri Lanka.Glowi is a leading coconut oil manufacturer in Sri Lanka.We provide you 100% pure virgin coconut oil.For more details contact us.

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